Installing MySQL from source in Slackware (an sloppy guide)

Sometimes you do something and weeks or months later you have to do it again. And notes like this one may come in handy.

grab sources from mysql.com
tar xf sources
cd sources
cmake .
make install

and the "normal" procedure:

you might not need this:
cd /usr/local
ln -s ./mysql

check /etc/my.cnf before doing this
ln -s /var/run/mysql /tmp/mysql.sock

make sure it will start on reboot:

cd /etc
cp my-huge.cnf my.cnf
cd rc.d
cp /usr/local/mysql/support-files/mysqld-multi.server .
echo ./mysqld_multi.server start >>rc.local
echo ./mysqld_multi.server stop >>rc.local_shutdown
chmod +x rc.local
chmod +x rc.local_shutdown

test it to see if its works then

cd /usr/loca/mysql

and run chown and chgrp to the data dir

run mysql_create_db

should be running by now but if its not, then do ./bin/mysqld --user=mysql &

and then run mysql_secureinstallation

any comment appreciated. TY

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